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The Global R&D Support Center conducts the technical demand survey to plan the international joint R&D project for the Strategic Industrial Technology R&D Program*.
  • Industrial Strategic Technology R&D Program is a mid- to long-term project of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy for technology development. The purpose of this program is to nurture new industry by providing concentrated support to the development of the core and indigenous technology in the field of national development strategy.
The data gathered through the technical demand survey you submit will be utilized by PDs (Program Directors) in order to plan for the upcoming project for the following year. The detail of the new project and the conditions of support will be announced later on the official website of KEIT(itech.keit.re.kr). Foreign institutions will be able to apply for the international joint R&D project in cooperation with domestic institutions when RFPs (requests for proposals) are announced. Our Global Cooperative R&D Project planning process is as follows:
< The global cooperative R&D Project planning process >
  • Technology
    Demand Survey
  • Find Candidate Projects
  • Plan Projects
    (Make RFP draft)
  • Verify and
    Revise RFP
  • Call for Proposals
We hope many domestic and foreign researchers will participate in the survey. Applications and details can be found on the KEIT website. For further information, contact KEIT's Global R&D Support Center.
: (Global R&D Support Center) grc_kor@keit.re.kr (Korea), grc_us@keit.re.kr (U.S.) grc_eu@keit.re.kr (Germany)
※ Precautions:
  • The project implementer of the technology selected for support through the technical demand survey is selected through a separate public offering, so the Project implementer and the technology demand proposer may be different.
  • All submitted documents shall not be returned, and they shall only be used as basic data for discovering new requirements/specifications for the project.

Survey Template Submit

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