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한국산업기술평가관리원 원장 전윤종
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We are living in a world where the global industry is undergoing
a full-scale Digital and Green transformation. Nations around the globe compete for economic hegemony, with future industries and advanced technologies serving as their tools of war.

For Korea to prosper in such times, the strengthening of innovative technologies and industrial competitiveness has become more vital than ever before. We must create future growth engines centered on high-tech industries while innovating our more traditional manufacturers to produce more added value.

The KEIT, an institute specializing in the planning, evaluation, and management of industrial technology research and development(R&D), aims to lead this historic tide with our eyes on the goal of recreating Korea into a technology led giant. We understand that this can only be achieved via technology-led innovative growth.

The KEIT will enhance its R&D planning capabilities with a focus on marketability, creativeness, and ambitiousness of technologies. Our R&D evaluation system will operate under a performance based criteria, oriented by industry demand whilst remaining strictly to the field. We also seek to advance the R&D process within Korean academia and industry so that it leads effortlessly to commercialization and standardization. All our endeavors are based on our largest goal, to become the great catalyst of ‘Innovative growth’ and a driving force of the ‘Great Industrial Transformation’

Please join the KEIT's efforts to upgrade the competitiveness of Korea’s industrial technology

We look forward to your wholehearted interest and staunch support.

With warmest thanks,

Dr. Yoonjong Chun
Chairman and President of Korea Planning & Evaluation of Industrial Technology (KEIT)

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